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Q: Is it normal to see dead bugs showing up for several days after a pest control treatment? If so, does that mean there is an infestation problem?
A: Yes, it is normal to see dead bugs showing up several days after treatment that means it is working.

Q: How much does it cost to get rid of a bad pest problem?
A: This depends on the type of pest, how long the pests have inhabited your property and how much damage they've caused. Surety Pest Control conducts an initial assessment of the situation and then discusses a price with you. The ultimate aim is to manage the problem based on need. So one treatment might be enough or we might need to develop a program. With ants, for example, we may need to treat the problem over a period of weeks with perhaps three visits.

Q: What type of treatment do you apply?
A: This depends on the type of pest and the severity of the problem. Often more than one type of treatment is needed. We use a range of targeted mist sprays, gels, pastes, dusts and/or baits, depending on the situation at hand.

Q: How often should I have an inspection for Termites?
A: We recommend all homeowners have a full Termite Inspection completed on their home and property once every 12 months. This way, if termites have gained entry to your home, they will be found and eradicated before too much damage occurs to the structure. If your home has had past termite damage, it would be advisable to have more regular inspections completed, such as 6 monthly especially if you have not installed a termiticide treated soil zone around your home or have termite monitoring stations around the perimeter of the home.

Q: Are the pest control products we use safe?
A: Yes. When the chemicals are mixed and applied correctly, they are very safe and have an extremely low toxicity to mammals. The chemicals are strong enough to only eradicate insects.